Studies of complementary samples

AMIGA project started as a need in order to understand the effects of environment in dense environments. Hence we continue to pursue detailed studies of samples of nurture effects in different environments, and collaborate in other complementary projects, as e.g.

Publication year

The Westerbork Coma Survey. A blind, deep, high-resolution H I survey of the Coma cluster.

Molnár, D. Cs. ; Serra, P. ; van der Hulst, T. ; Jarrett, T. H. ; Boselli, A. ; Cortese, L. ; Healy, J. ; de Blok, E. ; Cappellari, M. ; Hess, K. M. ; Józsa, G. I. G. ; McDermid, R. M. ; Oosterloo, T. A. ; Verheijen, M. A. W.

2022 A&A, Volume 659, id.A94, 23 pp.

DOI: 10.1051/0004-6361/202142614

Towards a Spanish SKA Regional Centre fully engaged with Open Science

J. Garrido, L. Darriba, S. Sánchez-Expósito, M. Parra-Royón, J. Moldón, M. Á. Mendoza, S. Luna-Valero, A. Alberdi, I. Márquez, L. Verdes-Montenegro
2021 J. of Astronomical Telescopes, Instruments, and Systems (JATIS), 8(1), 011004

A diffuse tidal dwarf galaxy destined to fade out as a “dark galaxy”

Román, Javier; Jones, Michael G.; Montes, Mireia; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes; Garrido, Julián; Sánchez, Susana
2021 A&A, 649, id.L14

The HI mass function of group galaxies in the ALFALFA survey

Jones, Michael ; Hess, Kelley ; Adams, Elizabeth ; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes
2020 MNRAS, 494, 2090

Direct Measurement of the HI-Halo Mass Relation through Stacking

Guo, Hong; Jones, Michael G. ; Haynes, Martha P. ; Fu, Jian
2020 ApJ, 894, I. 2, id. 92

The Arecibo Pisces-Perseus Supercluster Survey I: Harvesting ALFALFA

A. O’Donoghue, M. P. Haynes, R. A. Koopmann, M. G. Jones, R. Giovanelli, T. J. Balonek, D. W. Craig, G. L. Hallenbeck, G. L. Hoffman, D. A. Kornreich
2019 ApJ, V. 157, 2

The environment of HI-bearing ultra-diffuse galaxies in the ALFALFA survey

S. Janowiecki, M. G. Jones, L. Leisman, A. Webb
2019 MNRAS, 490, I. 1, p. 566-577

The Arecibo Legacy Fast ALFA survey: The ALFALFA Extragalactic HI source Catalog

M. P. Haynes, R. Giovanelli, B. R. Kent, E. A. K. Adams, T. J. Balonek, D. W. Craig, D. Fertig, R. Finn, C. Giovanardi, G. Hallenbeck, K. M. Hess, G. L. Hoffman, S. Huang, M. G. Jones, R. A. Koopmann, D. A. Kornreich, L. Leisman, J. Miller, C. Moorman, J.O’Connor, A. O’Donoghue, E. Papastergis, P. Troischt., D. Stark
2018 ApJ, 861, 1

The HI content of dark matter haloes at z~0 from ALFALFA

A. Obuljen, D. Alonso, F. Villaescusa-Navarro, I. Yoon, M. G. Jones
2019 MNRAS 486, I. 4, p. 5125-5138


Evolution of compact groups from intermediate to final stages: A case study of the Hi content of HCG 16

M. G. Jones, L. Verdes-Montenegro, A. Damas-Segovia, S. Borthakur, M. Yun, A. del Olmo, J. Perea, J. Román, S. Luna, D. Lopez Gutierrez, B. Williams, F. P. A. Vogt, J. Garrido, S. Sanchez, J. Cannon and P. Ramírez-Moreta.

2019 A&A, 632, A78

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