Studies of complementary samples

AMIGA project started as a need in order to understand the effects of environment in dense environments. Hence we continue to pursue detailed studies of samples of nurture effects in different environments, and collaborate in other complementary projects, as e.g.

Publication year

The ALFALFA HI mass function: A dichotomy in the low-mass slope and a locally suppressed ‘knee’ mass

Michael G. Jones, Martha P. Haynes, Riccardo Giovanelli and Crystal Moorman
2018 MNRAS 477,2-17

Molecular gas and Star Formation Properties in Early Stage Mergers: SMA CO(2-1) Observations of the LIRGs NGC 3110 and NGC 232

D. Espada, S. Martin, S. Verley, A. R. Pettitt, S. Matsushita, M. Argudo-Fernandez, Z. Randriamanakoto, P.-Y. Hsieh, T. Saito, R. E. Miura, Y.
Kawana, J. Sabater, L. Verdes-Montenegro, P. T. P. Ho, R. Kawabe, and D. Iono.
2018 ApJ…866…77E

The contribution of HI-bearing ultra-diffuse galaxies to the cosmic number density of galaxies

M. G. Jones, E. Papastergis, V. Pandya, L. Leisman, A. J. Romanowsky, L. Y. A. Yung, R. S. Somerville and E. A. K. Adams 2018 A&A 614, A21

Evidence for azimuthal variations of the oxygen-abundancegradient tracing the spiral structure of the galaxy HCG 91c

F. P. A. Vogt, E. Pérez, M. A. Dopita, L. Verdes-Montenegro, and S. Borthakur
2017 A&A 601, A61

Dense cirmumnuclear molecular gas in starburst galaxies

C.-E. Green; M. R. Cunningham; J. A. Green; J. R. Dawson; P. A. Jones; A. R. Lopez-Sanchez; L. Verdes-Montenegro; C. Henkel; W. A. Baan; S. Martin.
2016 MNRAS 457 (3): 2470-2479

Tracing kinematic (mis)alignments in CALIFA merging galaxies: Stellar and ionized gas kinematic orientations at every merger stage

Barrera-Ballesteros, J. K.; García-Lorenzo, B.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; van de Ven, G.; Lyubenova, M.; Wild, V.; Méndez-Abreu, J.; Sánchez, S. F.; Marquez, I.; Masegosa, J.; Monreal-Ibero, A.; Ziegler, B.; del Olmo, A.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.; García-Benito, R.; Husemann, B.; Mast, D.; Kehrig, C.; Iglesias-Paramo, J.; Marino, R. A.; Aguerri, J. A. L.; Walcher, C. J.; Vílchez, J. M.; Bomans, D. J.; Cortijo-Ferrero, C.; González Delgado, R. M.; Bland-Hawthorn, J.; McIntosh, D. H.; Bekeraite, Simona; the CALIFA Collaboration
2015 A&A, 582, id.A21, 50 pp.

Distribution of Faint Atomic Gas in Hickson Compact Groups

Borthakur, Sanchayeeta; Yun, Min S.; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes; Heckman, Timothy M.; Zhu, Guangtun; Braatz, James A.
2015 ApJ..812…78B

Star Formation Suppression in Compact Group Galaxies: A New Path to Quenching?

K. Alatalo, P.N. Appleton, U. Lisenfeld, T. Bitsakis, L. Lanz, M. Lacy, V. Charmandaris, M. Cluver, M.A. Dopita, P. Guillard, T. Jarrett, L.J. Kewley, K. Nyland, P.M. Ogle, J. Rasmussen, J.A. Rich , L. Verdes-Montenegro, C.K. Xu, M. Yun
2015 ApJ…812..117A

Galaxy interactions in compact groups – II. Abundance and kinematic anomalies in HCG 91c

Vogt, Frédéric P. A.; Dopita, Michael A.; Borthakur, Sanchayeeta; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes; Heckman, Timothy M.; Yun, Min S.; Chambers, Kenneth C.
July 2015 Vol. 450, Issue 3, p.2593-2614

Strong Far-infrared Cooling Lines, Peculiar CO Kinematics, and Possible Star-formation Suppression in Hickson Compact Group 57

Alatalo, K.; Appleton, P. N.; Lisenfeld, U.; Bitsakis, T.; Guillard, P.; Charmandaris, V.; Cluver, M.; Dopita, M. A.; Freeland, E.; Jarrett, T.; Kewley, L. J.; Ogle, P. M.; Rasmussen, J.; Rich, J. A.; Verdes-Montenegro, L.; Xu, C. K.; Yun, M.
2014 ApJ, 795, 159A

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