Statistical studies of the AMIGA sample

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Morphology and surface photometry of a sample of isolated early-type galaxies from deep imaging

R. Rampazzo, A. Omizzolo, M. Uslenghi, J. Roman, P. Mazzei, L. Verdes-Montenegro, A. Marino, M.G. Jones
2020, A&A 640, A38

HI study of isolated and paired galaxies: the MIR SFR-M sequence

J. Bok , R. E. Skelton, M. E. Cluver, T. H. Jarrett, M. G. Jones and L. Verdes-Montenegro
2020, MNRAS 499, 3193-3213

Comprehensive Examination of the Optical Morphologies of 719 Isolated Galaxies in the AMIGA Sample

R. J. Buta, L. Verdes-Montenegro, A. Damas-Segovia, M. Jones, J. Blasco, M. Fernández-Lorenzo, S. Sánchez, J. Garrido, P. Ramírez-Moreta, J. Sulentic
2019, MNRAS 488 2175-2189

The AMIGA sample of isolated galaxies. XIII. The HI content of an almost “nurture free” sample

M. G. Jones, D. Espada, L. Verdes-Montenegro, W. K. Huchtmeier, U. Lisenfeld, S. Leon, J. Sulentic, J. Sabater, D. E. Jones, S. Sanchez, J. Garrido
2018, A&A, 609, A17

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Catalogues of isolated galaxies, isolated pairs, and isolated triplets in the local Universe

M. Argudo-Fernández, S. Verley, G. Bergond, S. Duarte Puertas, E. Ramos Carmona, J. Sabater, M. Fernández Lorenzo, D. Espada, J. Sulentic, J. E. Ruiz, S. Leon
2015 A&A 578A, 110A

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Are (pseudo)bulges in isolated galaxies actually primordial relics?

M. Fernández Lorenzo, J. Sulentic, L. Verdes-Montenegro, J. Blasco-Herrera, M. Argudo-Fernández, J. Garrido, P. Ramírez-Moreta, J.E. Ruiz, S. Sánchez-Expósito, and J.D. Santander-Vela
2014 ApJ 788, L39

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Effects of the environment on galaxies in the Catalogue of Isolated Galaxies: physical satellites and large scale structure.

M. Argudo-Fernández, S. Verley, G. Bergond, J. Sulentic, J. Sabater, M. Fernández-Lorenzo, S. Leon, D. Espada, S. Leon, S. Sánchez-Expósito, J. D. Santander-Vela and L. Verdes-Montenegro.
2014 A&A 564, A94

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The AMIGA Sample of Isolated Galaxies XII. Revision of the isolation degree for AMIGA galaxies using the SDSS.

M. Argudo-Fernández, S. Verley, G. Bergond, J. Sulentic, J. Sabater, M. Fernández-Lorenzo, S. Leon, D. Espada, L. Verdes-Montenegro, J. D. Santander-Vela, J.E. Ruiz, and S. Sánchez-Expósito
2013 A&A 560, A9

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The stellar mass-size relation for the most isolated galaxies in the local Universe.

M. Fernández-Lorenzo, J. Sulentic, L. Verdes-Montenegro, M. Argudo-Fernández
2013 MNRAS 434, 325-335

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The AMIGA Sample of Isolated Galaxies XI. Optical characterization of nuclear activity.

J. Sabater, L. Verdes-Montenegro, S. Leon, P. Best, J. W. Sulentic
2012 A&A 545, A.15S
Note.- The Figure 5 of the paper has been corrected to include the [OI] diagnostic diagram. Links to the updated figure:[png] [pdf]

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