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Dense cirmumnuclear molecular gas in starburst galaxies

C.-E. Green; M. R. Cunningham; J. A. Green; J. R. Dawson; P. A. Jones; A. R. Lopez-Sanchez; L. Verdes-Montenegro; C. Henkel; W. A. Baan; S. Martin.
2016 MNRAS 457 (3): 2470-2479

On the nature of faint mid-infrared sources in M 33

E. Corbelli, C. Giovanardi, F. Palla, and S. Verley.
2011 A&A 528, 116

CS, HC3N and CH3CCH multi-line analyses towards starburst galaxies. The evolution of cloud structures in the central regions of galaxies.

R. Aladro, J. Martín-Pintado, S. Martín, R. Mauersberger, and E. Bayet
2011 A&A 525, 89

TANGO I: ISM in nearby radio galaxies. Molecular gas.

B. Ocana Flaquer, S. Leon, J. Lim, and F. Combes
2010 A&A 518, 9

Properties of compact 250 μm emission and H II regions in M 33 (HERM33ES)

S. Verley et al.
2010 A&A, 518, 68

Star formation in M 33: the radial and local relations with the gas.

S. Verley, E. Corbelli, C. Giovanardi, and L. K. Hunt.
2010 A&A, 518, 64

Imaging Carbon Monoxide Emission in the Starburst Galaxy NGC 6000.

S. Martin, M. R. George, D. J. Wilner, and D. Espada
2010 AJ 139, 2241-2248

Star formation in M 33: multiwavelength signatures across the disk.

S. Verley, E. Corbelli, C. Giovanardi, and L. K. Hunt.
2009 A&A, 493, 453

The cluster birthline in M 33.

E. Corbelli, S. Verley, B. G. Elmegreen, and C. Giovanardi
2009 A&A, 495, 479-490

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