Laura Darriba

Core Team


Dr. Laura Darriba holds a PhD in Physics for simulations of compact groups of galaxies from the University of Barcelona. She was a lecturer of several undergraduate courses at the University of Barcelona. She has experience in industry in the retail sector in the UK as data analyst and data scientist. She worked in data processing, development and validation of statistical and Machine Learning models, and model maintenance and monitoring. She was responsible of planning and managing data science projects, she developed user guides and technical documentation and was member of the recruiting team assessing the technical skills from the data science candidates.  

Laura joined the team developing an SKA Regional Centre (SRC) prototype at the IAA in 2019 as advisor in Data Science and Machine Learning techniques and responsible for the infrastructure services documentation. She is the SRC prototype project manager, participates in training events and provides user support to the Cloud platform users. She is currently a consultant member of the SRC Steering Committee working group Science User Engagement.