Clara Cabanillas de la Casa

Core Team


My background comprises a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics and a M.Sc. in Astrophysics and Particle Physics, both obtained at Universidad de Granada (UGR). My M.Sc. thesis consisted on the analysis and characterisation of the M67 open stellar cluster in the Milky Way, based on astrometric and photometric data from Gaia DR3. Paralelly to my M.Sc., I was the recipient of a JAE Intro SOMdM scholarship at the IAA, which allowed me to join the AMIGA group and eventually led to my PhD project.
My scientific interests lie in the field of galaxy evolution in the densest environments: galaxy clusters. My aim is to untangle the relative influence of the local external mechanisms acting upon a galaxy’s transformation, in contrast to the observed evolutionary pathways followed by isolated galaxies. For that, I am studying a nearby galaxy cluster, the Hydra I cluster, with a set of multiwavelength surveys and measurements from a range of facilities, including SKA precursors such as MeerKAT. With them, I am building and analysing a map tracing the 3 main gas components of galaxies -ionized, neutral and molecular hydrogen- to portray the interplay and evolution of each baryonic phase, while providing scientific cases to help support the development of the spanish SRC prototype.