Amidou Sorgho

Core Team


Originally from Burkina Faso, I have obtained a PhD in Astrophysics at the University of Cape Town (South Africa) in 2019, where I have also done my MSc degree in 2015. During my MSc studies, I have developed a new approach to combine observations from two interferometers of different spatial resolutions, allowing one to take advantage of their respective sensitivities to both the large and small scale structures. As part of my PhD thesis, I have made use of sensitive 21cm line observations to map the distribution and kinematics of the faint neutral hydrogen (HI) in late-type nearby galaxies and in the nearby M81 group. These observations permitted, for the first time, to map with high enough resolution the full extent of an HI arm connecting the M81 group to a dwarf galaxy south of the system, and resolve HI clouds adjacent to the said arm. The HI map that I built remains, to date, the most complete map of the M81 group.
After my PhD, I have spent a year as a fellow at the global IAU Office of Astronomy for Development where I researched how astronomical facilities can be optimally used to impact socio-economic development in rural areas. I have co-authored, during this fellowship, several documents and blog articles outlining best practices regarding development projects targeting underprivileged communities.
I have joined the CSIC-IAA in October 2020 as a postdoctoral researcher with Dr Verdes-Montenegro and the SKA team in Spain on the AMIGA project. My research investigates how angular momentum affects the evolutionary path of galaxies, by studying its effects on intrinsic parameters such as morphology, size and mass.